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UltraLift Complete Beauty Anti-wrinkle, firming, radiance-boosting Is UltraLift Day Cream right for me? Yes if you are looking for a daily moisturizer that makes your skin look younger targeting wrinkles, loss of firmness and uneven complexion. How is it different? UltraLift Complete Beauty Day Cream is Garnier’s new generation of anti-wrinkle care. For the first time, a Garnier moisturizer is enriched with regenerative plant cells, and has a triple anti-aging action: anti-wrinkle, firming and radiance-boosting. How does it work? UltraLift Complete Beauty Day Cream acts within 14 days on the 3 major signs of skin aging: 1. Anti-Wrinkle: Visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles, even deep ones by plumping the skin with moisture. 2. Firming: Leaves your skin feeling firmer and looking tightened. 3. Radiance Boosting: Evens your skin complexion and reveals your natural radiance. Its smooth texture leaves your skin feeling soft, comfortable and hydrated. Regenerative plant cells innovation Regenerative plant cells are powerful plant cells due to their ability to continuously regenerate themselves to sustain the plant life cycle. Years of research has enabled Garnier to understand and identify how to target skin firmness, wrinkles, and radiance. Now Garnier introduces Regenerative Plant Cells in a complete skincare range, creating UltraLift Complete Beauty. Recommended user age: 35-60

Garnier Ultralift anti-aging Day Cream

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