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Become Our Partner

There are more than one million business travel passengers staying overnight in hotels and other places in Canada, and they need the OnWings service. To be able to serve such a big market, we rely on partners. We invite Canadian wholesalers and retailers to join our partner network to serve this market. We will be able to provide an additional sales channel for you. We also invite accurate and responsible drivers with personal cars to join our network. We pay a competitive fee that matches the local market.

Our Business Model 


By partnering with distributors worldwide, we offer to the customer a great opportunity to order their favourite body care and wellness products in advance of or during their trip. We take care of the communication with stores, synchronize product databases, and calculate delivering prices. When ordering goods with OnWings, customers receive their order at the hotel at the time of arrival. Synchronization of your products with OnWings is possible regardless of your store's platform. We work with most of the leading CMS and take care of stock synchronization every few hours. If you sell goods of this category locally and are ready to collect orders from our customers 24/7, we invite you to partnership and cooperation!

If you are engaged in delivering goods in your city and are ready to fulfill orders promptly and on time, we are ready to offer decent payment and invite both couriers and logistics companies to cooperate!

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