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Many travellers, especially women, prefer using their own beauty products while travelling and avoid using cheap alternatives provided by hotels. Some travellers have allergies or sensitivity to the toiletries provided at the hotel. In addition, many business travellers limit their luggage to carry-on only, and airport security doesn’t allow bringing liquids or aerosol cans in carry-on bags. OnWings solves these problems by providing an option to choose and order a client’s favourite beauty products and to have them delivered to their hotel room by a local independent worker right on time for their arrival.


We offer the total convenience of having your favourite beauty and personal hygiene products delivered directly to your hotel room while you are on your business trip. Travel light, fast, and carefree without compromising the quality of your lifestyle.

Corporate objectives

We capitalize on the client’s loyalty to particular brands but provide sales and delivery based on the advantages of the sharing economy. The OnWings business model essentially combines an e-commerce web portal for the distribution of beauty products and a delivery system with part-time drivers similar to Uber. OnWings doesn’t stock any products but has distribution agreements with multiple distributors of branded products. The uniqueness is a combination of drop shipping and Uber-like delivery. In other words, we sell products that we don’t own that are delivered by drivers and cars that we don’t see.



Mohammad Mahdi

Ariya Azad






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Mohammad Mahdi holds a master’s in electronics. During his 20-year career, he evolved from marketing manager to business development manager to higher executive positions. He also founded and chaired a successful IT company in Iran. Mr. Aria Azad leads our team and directs business development.

Rasool is a successful entrepreneur, executive, and product manager. His experience in diverse fields such as food, clothing, and IT is an asset for our company. In the past, he founded and led a company that strongly relied on a solid supply chain and employed over 150 workers. More recently, his desire for new challenges led him to join our business.

Holding a BSc in management and an MBA, Alireza is a successful product manager with more than 20 years of experience in different industries. A professional with rich experience in international business, he diligently applies customer-oriented strategies to make sure that our operations are aligned with consumer needs.

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